Fast, effective action
against security threats
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Our pre-emptive planning and simulated incident response services will ensure that in the event of an attack, you’re well prepared to defend sensitive data and prevent unauthorised exfiltration from your network. However, should the worst happen, ECS also offers a range of incident response services to contain and remediate attacks fast.


Effective preparation is one of the strongest defences against cyber-attacks, which is why we offer a comprehensive simulated incident response service for all our clients. Learn how to respond to a genuine attack in a controlled and secure environment, benefitting from expert advice and guidance every step of the way.  Our simulated incident response service can also help to uncover key vulnerabilities in existing defence protocols and ensure the right systems are in place to greatly minimise the impact, should a real breach occur.


Our pre-emptive security planning services will help you to critically assess your existing security processes and ensure a tailored action plan is in place. This will ensure the most effective response possible in the event of a security breach.


We offer a full or partial incident response service depending on your requirements, in-line with NIST SP 800-61. This includes immediate access to a team of incident response experts who can rapidly assess the situation, contain any ongoing incidents, establish the point of entry and ensure repeat attacks cannot be initiated. We can then work with your IT team to recover lost data and minimise any business down-time incurred as a result of the breach.


ECS offers a comprehensive range of services for each stage of the security process:


Our cyber security audit and assessment offers the ideal starting point when embarking on a cybersecurity improvement programme. Identify vulnerabilities in existing cyber security infrastructure and understand the measures that can be taken to mitigate those risks.


Secure your data and applications with managed cyber security services from ECS. Our capabilities include cyber security analysis, security engineering and incident response, delivered by a dedicated team of highly experienced cyber security specialists.


Take control with our powerful suite of detection services and tools, in partnership with the most disruptive security vendors out there today. Monitor and analyse cyber security incidents across your business with our innovative cyber security dashboard.

$3.62 million. Average data breach costs businesses