ECS security
for Microsoft Office 365
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Keep track of your sensitive data in the cloud with ECS security for Microsoft Office 365

Uptake of Microsoft Office 365 is growing rapidly due to its flexibility, scalability and value for money. However, once sensitive data is moved from local storage to the cloud, much of the visibility you have over it is lost, along with control of the security used to protect it. This can be alarming for many businesses, making them think twice about making the move to the cloud.

ECS security for Microsoft Office 365 removes these concerns. Utilising the power of our security dashboard and suite of detection tools, our innovative solution collates data from across your network to provide a complete overview of Office 365 activity within your business. This includes insight into:

  • When and where files and data are being accessed
  • Who is accessing them
  • Any unauthorised attempts to access data
  • Whether files are being moved, copied, modified or deleted

Much of this information is essential for modern auditing purposes, making our solution an indispensable part of any cloud strategy centred around the Office 365.