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Effective Cyber Security Ltd (ECS) provides a multitude of  different services to help keep you and your business protected. By working alongside companies such as IBM, Cylance and Illusive, we have the basis to provide you with secure protection.

Services we offer

ECS offers a comprehensive range of services for each stage of the security process:


Effective Cyber Security provides a Data Security Compliance Service which integrates with the business’ over arching cyber security strategy. The consultancy service delivers GDPR, ISO and financial regulatory compliance for organisations needing to achieve and maintain these standards throughout their business.

Website Security Service

Helping prevent harmful attacks from impacting you. We offer a Remote Live Forensics capability from our Cyber Network Defence (CND) Team to monitor your Internet facing servers for unusual behaviour .

Cloud Access Security Service

Our Managed Cloud Security Platform protects data where it lives today, with a solution that was built natively in the cloud, for the cloud. It’s cloud-native data security.


Our Endpoint Security Service provides a fully managed Endpoint protection for Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux Systems by using an Artificial- Intelligence based protection to provide a quantum leap over traditional malicious software signatures, heuristics, or behavioural methods by taking advantage of sophisticated math models to identify malicious software.


Email is still a significant attack mechanism for Cyber Criminals – many organisations are moving to Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s G Suite – and while these help, they need to be configured and monitored correctly.


IBM i and AIX Protect

Effective Cyber Security provides automated Cyber Security Services for the IBM i, AIX and Linux platforms regardless of whether the deployment is on premise or in a private cloud environment. The services are delivered to servers on premise or in the Cloud and are managed from Effective Cyber Security’s Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Security Operations Centre

Cyber attackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and are continuing to challenge the security teams. For most organisations who aspire to have security monitoring and incident response services but may not have the resource and budgets, our Managed SOC service significantly reduces the organisational overhead.

Vulnerability Scanning Service

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service provides customers with both cloud and on-premise coverage. Eliminate blind spots with the industry’s most comprehensive visibility into traditional and modern assets, such as cloud, mobile devices, containers and web applications.

Understand what data you hold, how you are using it, and that you are practising good data hygiene.

David Mount