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JASK was founded by industry leaders in security operations and driven by the need to address the security gaps that restrict security modernisation efforts.

JASK has developed the industry’s only Autonomous Security Operations Centre (ASOC) platform, designed to modernise security operations for reduced organisational risk and improved human efficiency. Through technology consolidation, enhanced AI and machine learning, the JASK ASOC platform automates the correlation and analysis of threat alerts, helping SOC analysts focus on the highest-priority threats, streaming investigations and delivering faster response times.

Revolutionising Security Operations

Today’s SOC is designed around yesterday’s technology, not the teams that protect organisations or the ever-advancing security threats. As a result, about 80% of analyst time is spent managing, on average, 1700 alerts a day. By removing legacy technology limitations, JASK is freeing security analysts for more important threat management.

The JASK ASOC Platform

The JASK ASOC Platform delivers advanced insights that prioritise the way SOC analysts monitor, analyse and investigate threats. Autonomous intelligence speeds detection and response times by:

  • Improving contextual visibility and exposing blind spots
  • Identifying, monitoring and protecting critical assets and data across legacy and point solutions
  • Enhancing current investments through advanced correlations and analysis across multiple customer sources.


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