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Our Endpoint Security Service provides a fully managed Endpoint protection for Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux Systems by using an Artificial- Intelligence based protection to provide a quantum leap over traditional malicious software signatures, heuristics, or behavioural methods by taking advantage of sophisticated math models to identify malicious software. Instead of reactive signatures, threats are blocked automatically in real-time.

What is included?

The service offers ongoing support and management, deployment aid and configuration support. We provide Security Architecture recommendations while being pragmatic to any legacy systems that you may have.

We also include entry level access to our Cyber Network Defence (CND) Team for Threat and Malicious software (Malware) Analysis, Trending and Intelligence – the CND will provide Remote Live Forensics for entry level hunting – this can be extended to our full Managed Security Operations Service which includes our Full Digital Forensics and Incident Response services, and our Advanced Suspicious Behaviour Engine.

This service is available to organisations with 50 compatible devices or more. Following the initial configuration, the system will be monitored with recommended changes suggested by our technical team as necessary.

 Features of this service include:

• Market leading Anti-Malware technology by Cylance

• Deployment guidance including detailed prerequisites

• Policy to ensure the optimal security settings are deployed across the covered devices

• Advice and guidance on effectiveness of implemented security

• Change recommendations and alerts on new features and agent updates

• Active threat monitoring and alerting

• Monthly health check and service report

• Unlimited whitelisting changes

• Remotely monitored and managed

• 10 policy change requests per month

• Our Cyber Network Defence (CND) Team with our Remote Live Forensics capability will provide entry level proactive Threat Hunting by searching for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

• Security Architecture reviews and guidance of your environment

There’s no silver bullet solution with cyber security,

a layered defense is the only viable defense.



ECS offers a comprehensive range of services for each stage of the security process: