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As the threat landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, CISOs, security compliance committees, executives and board members need meaningful cyber security information at their fingertips in order to make fast, informed business decisions.
Our powerful suite of managed services and industry leading tools work seamlessly together to deliver advanced threat detection, in-depth analysis and intelligence directly to the people that need it most. We partner with some of the most innovative security vendors out there, ensuring our customers benefit from solutions right at the forefront of the modern cyber security industry.


Feel confident your organisation is fully compliant, and understand if/when a breach makes you non-compliant with our managed compliance monitoring service

Our managed threat detection service provides visibility into all external and internal traffic. Any threats are identified and blocked before they can cause downtime or data-loss

Take advantage of analytics and big data to understand what’s happening both inside and outside your network, understand attacker behaviour and stay one step ahead

ECS will monitor all your organisations event logs for abnormalities and incidents. Any security incident is forensically examined, false positives are removed and only incidents that require an immediate response are highlighted immediately

ECS can manage your on-going vulnerability scans and asset discovery, providing actionable advice on how to mitigate any potential threats


ECS offers a comprehensive range of services for each stage of the security process:


Our cyber security audit and assessment offers the ideal starting point when embarking on a cybersecurity improvement programme. Identify vulnerabilities in existing cyber security infrastructure and understand the measures that can be taken to mitigate those risks.


Secure your data and applications with managed cyber security services from ECS. Our capabilities include cyber security analysis, security engineering and incident response, delivered by a dedicated team of highly experienced cyber security specialists.


Our comprehensive incident response service will help you contain cyber security breaches, recover data and prevent repeat attacks. Pre-emptive planning and simulated cyber response services will also ensure internal security personnel are well drilled in the event of an attack.

37% of UK businesses experience cyber attacks or breaches at least once a month.


The ECS Security Dashboard creates an intuitive, centralised platform that pulls cyber security information together from across your business.

Not only does it provide in-depth security intelligence and analysis, it presents key security data in a way that business leaders can easily interpret. Whether providing a snapshot of the current threat landscape or enhancing your existing reporting processes, the ECS Security Dashboard is an indispensable part of any security solution.


Keep track of your sensitive data in the cloud with ECS security for Microsoft Office 365

Uptake of Microsoft Office 365 is growing rapidly due to its flexibility, scalability and value for money. However, once sensitive data is moved from local storage to the cloud, much of the visibility you have over it is lost, along with control of the security used to protect it. This can be alarming for many businesses, making them think twice about making the move to the cloud.

ECS security for Microsoft Office 365 removes these concerns. Utilising the power of our security dashboard and suite of detection tools, our innovative solution collates data from across your network to provide a complete overview of Office 365 activity within your business. This includes insight into:

  • When and where files and data are being accessed
  • Who is accessing them
  • Any unauthorised attempts to access data
  • Whether files are being moved, copied, modified or deleted

Much of this information is essential for modern auditing purposes, making our solution an indispensable part of any cloud strategy centred around the Office 365.