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At the heart of all Cyber Crime defence is the Security Operations Centre. If the SOC isn’t working effectively, the business is vulnerable. However, tools to help manage the threats, and skilled security technicians are expensive and often difficult to find.

Join Effective Cyber Security Ltd on Wednesday 12th December at 3pm to see how utilising our SOC Service can benefit you and your organisation.

Ask yourself the following questions-

  • How do I build and defend my in-house team?
  • How do I provide executive reporting to business?
  • How do I select the right tools and technology?
  • How do I find the right skilled people?
  • How do I spot the real threat?

Learn about the benefits of SOC services

  • Remove the need for large capex investment for an in-house SOC
  • Protect your brand and assets by rapidly responding to threats
  • Learn about customisable services on offer to meet your organisation’s needs
  • Comply with regulations
  • Protect your brand and assets by rapidly responding to threats
  • Build confidence with the Board by providing executive reports on a regular basis

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    Illusive networks deceptions everywhere




    ECS offers a comprehensive range of services for each stage of the security process:


    Secure your data and applications with managed cyber security services from ECS. Our capabilities include cyber security analysis, security engineering and incident response, delivered by a dedicated team of highly experienced cyber security specialists.


    Take control with our powerful suite of detection services and tools, in partnership with the most disruptive security vendors out there today. Monitor and analyse cyber security incidents across your business with our innovative cyber security dashboard.


    Our comprehensive incident response service will help you contain cyber security breaches, recover data and prevent repeat attacks. Pre-emptive planning and simulated cyber response services will also ensure internal security personnel are well drilled in the event of an attack.

    With Resilient, our time to respond to an emerging threat went from 84 minutes to under two minutes.

    Director of Cyber Security