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Effective Cyber Security provides a Data Security Compliance Service which integrates with the business’ over arching cyber security strategy. The consultancy service delivers GDPR, ISO and financial regulatory compliance for organisations needing to achieve and maintain these standards throughout their business. The service also includes an independent cyber security governance service which helps companies to ensure that their policies, processes and technology deployment remains fit for purpose.

Policy Definition Service

Utilises industry specialists to help define a company’s key objectives and the policies, processes and technology required to achieve them. This includes all those policies required to meet statutory regulatory standards such as GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 90001 and FCA standards.

Statutory Compliance Service

Carried out by specialists that know how to implement the required best practice to achieve the key regulatory standards for GDPR, ISO and the FCA.

The Consultants work with clients in order to implement the technology and processes that ensure statutory compliance and data security. Providing training, documentation and ongoing support.

Gap Analysis Service

Provides an audit function to business which measures the gap between a company’s defined policies and the current reality. The Gap analysis service is an independent service, the output of which can be used to determine immediate and long term action required in order to achieve consistent compliance. The service identifies gaps in processes, technology and infrastructure deployment and areas of vulnerability not just in data security compliance but cyber security overall with recommendations of how to achieve a company’s objectives.

Delivered as a Service

by Effective Cyber Security means that each of the Compliance Services can be provided independently of each other or together as an integrated program of activity with the appropriate tools and specialist consultants with the maintenance and support of the compliance program provided on an ongoing service basis

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