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For many businesses looking to improve cyber security, one of the biggest challenges is knowing where to start. Our comprehensive cyber security assessment is the ideal place. Not only will it identify key vulnerabilities in existing operations, but data collected can be used to ensure future cyber security systems deliver the best protection possible without compromising business performance.


We understand that many important security decisions are taken outside the boardroom, which is why we take a bottom-up approach to cyber security assessment, starting with the critical assets that need the highest levels of protection. This process gives ECS an intricate understanding of your business, allowing us to plan and deliver a highly-tailored cyber security solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Our assessment services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of cyber security objectives, policies, standards and processes
  • Impartial reports covering security investigations and information risk management
  • Reviews and audits of information risk analysis, mitigation, treatment and management
  • Independent opinion on IA control objectives
  • Identification of systemic trends and weaknesses in current security
  • Recommended responses to audit findings with respect to impact on business objectives

Further security testing services:

In addition to our comprehensive cyber security assessment, we offer a variety of additional cyber security testing services including:

  • Black-Box Application Testing
  • Source Code Review
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Advice

Within all of our testing methodologies, we utilise a combination of automated and manual techniques to uncover security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The tests will help to effectively gauge the threat posed by both unauthorised outsiders and legitimate users compromising an application’s security controls, whether intentionally or not. 


Illusive networks deceptions everywhere




ECS offers a comprehensive range of services for each stage of the security process:


Secure your data and applications with managed cyber security services from ECS. Our capabilities include cyber security analysis, security engineering and incident response, delivered by a dedicated team of highly experienced cyber security specialists.


Take control with our powerful suite of detection services and tools, in partnership with the most disruptive security vendors out there today. Monitor and analyse cyber security incidents across your business with our innovative cyber security dashboard.


Our comprehensive incident response service will help you contain cyber security breaches, recover data and prevent repeat attacks. Pre-emptive planning and simulated cyber response services will also ensure internal security personnel are well drilled in the event of an attack.

53% of data security breaches
are caused by acts of malicious intent